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Ballina Island
Did you know that Ballina in Northern NSW is actually an island? This paddle takes you all the way around and through a range of environments. There is a sheltered canal, a wide open river and even some small waves you can catch. 9 km approx.  - Return. 2 – 3 hours

Bega River
The "magic of Bega" owes a lot to the presence of this river. Whilst these days there may not be much water in it near the Bega township itself, the 11km estuarine stretch near the coast still has plenty for this enchanting paddle. 22km return - 4.5 hours approx
Berowra Creek
Berowra Creek is a tributary of the Hawkesbury River. The Berowra Valley Regional Park through which it passes has thankfully been preserved from development, largely because of it’s steep and often quite spectacular terrain. 10 km return - 2.5 – 3 hours
Much of the area surrounding Bhundoo, also known as the Clyde River, is perfectly preserved wilderness. This is an environment which enables it to have "the cleanest, least polluted water of any major river in Eastern Australia". 24km return - 5 hours approx
The small New England town of Bingara was once celebrated as Australia’s biggest producer of diamonds. Its Gwydir River is a treasure in its own right for its convivial setting, lively waters, and abundant wildlife. 8 km return - 1.5 hours approx

Broughton Creek
Broughton Creek gives visitors a glimpse of the surrounding rural life to a backdrop of not so distant mountains. You can finish your day in nearby Berry, which promises great gourmet food and a chance to soak up its rich history. 30 km return - 6-7 hours
Brunswick River
No-one can deny that the Byron Shire is an incredibly gorgeous part of New South Wales, but to really appreciate it’s inner beauty you need to grab a boat and take the scenic route from Brunswick Heads to Mullumbimby. 20 km return - 4 hours approx
There’s a certain feeling of nervous excitement that you get when you realise you aren’t quite sure where you are or what is coming next. Perhaps it should be known as the ‘Bundalong Feeling’ as it is a constant companion in this place. 10 km return - 2.5 hours approx
Chaffey Dam
Chaffey Dam is nicely nestled in postcard-like surroundings a little south of Tamworth. Once the boot scootin’s over and the hoedown’s finished y’all should come on over and enjoy the salubrious setting and bountiful birdlife. 13 km return - 3 hours approx
Clarrie Hall Dam
Peaceful Clarrie Hall is wrapped in blankets of thick forest and cradled in the protective arms of Wollumbin, the towering patriarch of mountains. It’s not the largest man made lake in NSW, but it might just be the most scenic. 15 km return - 3 hours approx
Corindi River
Somehow, the village of Red Rock and the beautiful Corindi River have slipped under the radar of all but the most inquisitive Mid North Coast tourist. Once you have been here it is hard not to tell others, but luckily the word is not yet out. 14 km return - 3 hours approx
Cowan Creek
A paddle like this makes you really appreciate the fact that we have National Parks. “How’s the serenity?” It feels like you are going where no-one has been before when you wind your way through this unspoiled peaceful valley. 8 km approx. return - 2 hours
Cudgen Creek
Cudgen Creek runs south from increasingly cosmopolitan Kingscliff to the well preserved Cudgen Nature Reserve, which despite surrounding development continues to be popular with koalas, sea turtles, and many other natives. 19km return - 4 hours approx

Currambene Creek
The sublime beauty of Jervis Bay fascinates and entrances all visitors to its shores. Currambene Creek is a long, winding mangrove-lined creek that flows into the bay. It is yet another reason to visit this magical area. 17 km return - 4 hours
Dora Creek East
This is a paddle of two distinct parts. It takes in both the open waters of Lake Macquarie and the peaceful sheltered environment of Dora Creek. There is something for everyone. 9 km approx. return - 2-3 hours
Dunns Swamp
This is a swamp by name but definitely not by nature. It is a place of crystal clear water, impressive sandstone rock formations, abundant wildlife, and beautiful areas of open eucalypt woodland and heath. 10 km return - 2 hours
Durras Lake
Durras Lake is a spellbinding oasis of the south coast. Its spacious body sits in the magnificent Murramarang National Park, is renowned for its pristine water, and contains loads of interesting bays and creeks to explore. 12km plus return - 2.5 hours plus
Edward River
If going to Deni and not seeing the Ute On The Pole is like going to Disneyland and not seeing Mickey Mouse, then going to Deni and not paddling the Edward is like going to Disneyland and not riding the Space Mountain. 22 km return - 4 hours approx
When driving from Condobolin to Lake Cargelligo it would be easy to pass through the tiny town of Eubalong without giving it a second's thought, but then you would miss out on this excellent little paddle down the Lachlan River! 22km return - 4.5 hours approx
Paddling down the Murrumbidgee from Euroley is a great way to “check out” for a while and enjoy its earthy surroundings. Nearby Leeton is a thriving, well designed town with very impressive art deco architecture. 20 km return - 3.5 hours approx
Evans River
Evans Head is a peaceful little place. When you discover it, you could easily think you have stumbled across a well kept secret, but history shows us that this has been a much used and much loved place for thousands of years. 23km return - 4.5 hours approx
Georges River National Park
25km south-west of Sydney, nestled between Sutherland and Bankstown, is a beautiful narrow strip of riverside bushland which is the perfect backdrop for a leisurely paddle on the Georges River. 8 km return - 2 hours

Gundagai has a special place in Australian history and culture. It is home to the Dog on the Tuckerbox and has inspired some well known poetry. After this ride on the flow of two beautiful rivers you may just get some inspiration yourself. 32km return - 5 hours approx
Hungry Beach
Palm Beach is one of the most glamorous suburbs on Sydney’s dazzling northern beaches and
is the start point for a memorable paddle around some of the Hawkesbury’s most eye catching shoreline and secluded beaches. 13 km return - 2.5 hours
Jerusalem Bay
The sheltered waters of Jerusalem Bay are located in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park just north of Sydney and are only accessible by boat or on foot. It is a real luxury that we have somewhere so unspoilt so close to a major city. 20 km return - 5 hours

Jerusalem Creek
Get ready for a kayak with a difference. The narrow banks of this creek, that travels north through the Bundjalung national park near Evans Head, may well realign you with nature and at the same time enliven your soul. Get into it! 7 – 9 km return - 2 – 2.5 hours approx.
Juno Point
This paddle between Brooklyn and Patonga is on the expansive waters at the mouth of the Hawkesbury River and at times is more like sea kayaking, particularly when you are amongst the rise and fall of the ocean swells. 14 km return - 3 – 4 hours
Lake Burrinjuck
Lake Burrinjuck is a not to be missed attraction of the south west slopes. Its interesting islands and unique rock features can be enjoyed in the surrounds of expansive native bushland and rolling hills. 15 km return - 3 hours approx
Lake Conjola
Whilst this is, as the name suggests, a lake, this paddle also takes you to Conjola Creek and into the surf at Conjola Beach. The fact that the lake is open to the ocean also means that the water is beautifully clean and crystal clear. 12 – 14 km return - 3 - 4 hours approx.
Lake Glenbawn
Lake Glenbawn is a treasure of the Upper Hunter set amongst rolling hills and farms. Its vast waters and surrounding countryside are home to an abundant and surprising variety of flora and fauna. 18 km return - 3.5 hours approx
Lake Jindabyne
In an area more synonymous with skiing and snowboarding than flat water kayaking, lies man made Lake Jindabyne. Clean, crisp air and alpine reflections on glassy waters provide the setting for a truly memorable paddle. 28km return - 5.5 hours approx
Lake Wetherell
Lake Wetherell is truly a stunning place. Outback light frames endless silhouettes of floodplain trees protruding from the water. They are an eerie reminder of the past and home to an assortment of wonderfully vibrant birdlife. 17 km return - 3.5 hours approx
Lake Wyangala
Lake Wyangala has been described as the “Jewel in the Crown of the Central West”. It is a wonderfully scenic location for a long open water paddle or a spot of kayak fishing. 27 km return - 5.5 hours approx
Lane Cove River
The Lane Cove River winds its way through suburbia about 10km North West of the Sydney CBD, but thanks to the Lane Cove National Park and surrounding parklands it can feel like you are a million miles from anywhere. 13 km approx. return - 2 – 3 hours
Lavender Bay
See world famous iconic Sydney landmarks like you’ve never seen them before as you explore bays on the northern shore of Port Jackson and venture out to Goat Island, known by local Aboriginal people as the eye of the Harbour. 10 km return - 2.5 – 3 hours
Limeburners Creek
On the doorstep of the bustling metropolis of Port Macquarie lies the surprisingly untouched natural beauty of Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve, perhaps best seen with a paddle in your hands. 25 km return - 5 hours approx
McCarrs Creek
Venture out from the tranquil waters of McCarrs Creek into an area filled with settlements not accessible by road. The only access to this area is by boat across Pittwater or on foot through the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. 10 - 12 km approx. return - 2 – 3 hours
Middle Harbour Beaches
Make your way past sunken wrecks in Salt Pan Cove and historic houseboats in Pearl Bay, under the landmark Spit Bridge, and on to the great beaches of Middle Harbour, all less than 10km from the Sydney CBD. 8 – 12 km return - 2 – 3 hours
Middle Harbour Creek
This paddle through a narrow corridor of the Garigal National Park up the North Shore of Sydney is great for beginners because it is nice and sheltered and walking tracks follow the entire Eastern and part of the Western shore. 8 km return - 2 hours
Discovering Lake Mookerawa is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the Central Tablelands rainbow. Its serene vibe makes for an enjoyable paddle through a varied landscape of bushland, farmland and wide open spaces. 25km return - 5 hours approx
The artesian spas aren’t the only refreshing waters in Moree. The Gwydir River flows through its plains, offering the paddler an invigorating way to experience a slice of outback life. 18 km return - 4 hours approx
Mullet Creek
Mullet Creek runs alongside the train line between Sydney and the Central Coast and is just a few kilometres from the F3 Freeway but the laid back lifestyle of the oyster farmer makes it seem remote in both distance and time. 20 km return - 4 - 5 hours
Mungo Brush
Mungo Brush is the location of one of the better known camping grounds in the Myall Lakes National Park. It is also the perfect place to launch your kayak or canoe for an exploration of the top end of the lower Myall River. 18 - 19 km return - 4 - 5 hours
Myall Lake
Myall Lake is part of the largest fresh-brackish water lakes system on the NSW Coast, is surrounded by National Park, is on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance, and… it’s a great place to paddle and camp! 12-15 km each way - Shelley Beach and back return - 3-4 hours each way
Narrabeen Lakes
Narrabeen Lakes is a popular paddling spot on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The surrounding hills and trees make it quite sheltered. The fact that it is right next to one of the world’s best surf beaches is an added bonus. Up to 12 km return - Up to 3 hours
Narrawallee Inlet
A paddle into Narrawallee Inlet is a meandering voyage of two creeks and three strikingly different environments; the sandy lagoon, the nature reserve, and the farm. The ever changing scenery adds a definite “ooh… aah…” factor. 9km return - 2.5 hours
Nepean Gorge
Take a trip through the pristine Nepean Gorge in the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains National Park. Kayaking is a great way to do this as you can be sure that you will leave no trace. Up to 24km return - Up to 6 hours
North Harbour Beaches
Whilst Manly is a tourist Mecca and a great place to visit on it’s own, there is so much more to this area of Port Jackson, not least the North Harbour Aquatic Reserve, an important breeding area for the Little Penguin. 8km loop return - 2 hours
Patonga Creek
This paddle treats you to a lot of variety. It starts at a beach and then crosses a bay. It borders the ocean and yet for the most part has the serene vibe of the quiet creek from which it gets its name. 11 - 12 km return - 2.5 - 3 hours

Pindari Dam, Severn River
A paddle on picturesque Pindari is a journey amongst beautiful and unique rock formations. With over a thousand hectares of space, it offers plenty of room to explore. 9 km or more return - 2 hours or more
Pittwater Beaches
Expansive and picturesque Pittwater is home to many of the wealthier members of Sydney society and the filming location for much of the ‘Home and Away’ series, but you don’t need to be rich or famous to come here with your kayak. 15 km return - 3 hours approx
Port Hacking West
Port Hacking is a great spot to paddle in the Sutherland Shire. It sits at the northern tip of the second oldest national park in the world, the Royal National Park. Move further into its interior and you soon cut all ties with suburbia. 12 km return - 3 – 3.5 hours
Pulbah Island
If open water is your kind of thing, then you will love this paddle around Pulbah Island at the Southern end of the largest coastal saltwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere. 12 km approx. return - 2.5 – 3.5 hours
Refuge Bay, Coal & Candle Creek, Cowan Creek
The clear waters of Cowan Creek offer the paddler countless bays and beaches to explore. Refuge Bay is one not to miss with its tranquil setting, sheltered beach, and sublime rock formations. 20 km return - 5 hours
Sandon River
Glazed eyes and hushed almost reverential tones are common when people recount Sandon stories from their youth. The often full campground is a sure sign the secret is out, but this is still a well preserved stunningly beautiful spot. Up to 25 km return - Up to 5 hours approx
Scotts Creek
In the late 1800s and early 1900s Sydneysiders that were “in the know” used to travel to this area to get away from it all. Some things never change. Come and experience one of Sydney’s best kept secrets for yourself. 8 – 12 km return - 2 – 3 hours
Shoalhaven Gorge
The hardest thing about writing a guide for this place is doing it justice. There is something incredibly special about paddling in the Shoalhaven Gorge. The communion with nature rejuvenates your spirit and makes your heart sing. 15 km each way - Fossickers Flat and back return - 3 – 3.5 hours each way
Simpsons Creek
Simpsons Creek runs south from peaceful sub-tropical village of Brunswick Heads. It forms the Western border of the protected coastal Tyagarah Nature Reserve which is overflowing with native flora and fauna. 10 km return - 2 - 3 hours
Smiths Creek
This paddle consists of three creeks but don’t be misled by that. There is a real feeling of space here. Most of the trip takes place on wide deep waterways that are surrounded by steep hills covered in dense native bushland. 13 - 15 km approx. return - 2 – 3 hours
Stoney Creek
Stoney Creek is the path by which water is fed into Burrill Lake from the local catchment area. The lake is familiar to most people who have explored the NSW coast south of Ulladulla, but the creek is a lovely hidden secret. 12 km return - 3 hours approx
Sussex Inlet
Sussex Inlet is both a beautiful winding waterway connecting St George’s Basin with Wreck Bay and a town based on its Western shore. A canal system built through the town enables paddlers to get a unique insight into daily life. 12km return - 3 hours
Swan Lake
Swan Lake is a wonderful jewel of the South Coast of NSW. The large number of black swans reveals how this pristine lake got its name and gives you an insight into how a ballet may have been based on just such a place. 10-13km loop return - 2-3 hours

Sydney Harbour West
 A day on Sydney Harbour is always a treat due to the wealth of world famous landmarks and fascinating history. The four islands and three bridges of this paddle ensure that it is no exception. 13-15 km return - 3-4 hours
Talbingo Reservoir
Tucked into the towering terrain of the south west slopes just south of Tumut is the tiny town of Talbingo and a scenic 190 hectare paddling opportunity of the same name given to us by the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric scheme. 19 km return - 4 hours approx
Towra Point
Towra Point is located right next to where Captain Cook first landed in Australia and, despite being surrounded by industry and development, is one of the few places in Sydney that has remained pretty much unchanged since.
Tuckean Nature Reserve
The Tuckean Nature Reserve is a protected wetland in the middle of an agricultural area which is home to a lot of wildlife, particularly birds. In mid to late summer there are also thousands of lily pads lining the canals. 5km or more return - 1 hour or more
Tuross Lake
This is much more than just a lake. There is a labyrinth of channels and inlets to explore. You can paddle here for days and every time find something new. It's easy to see why Tuross Head is a top holiday destination for kayakers. 11 km return - 2 hours approx
Two Mile Lake
If kayak camping in an internationally recognised wetland sounds like your cup of tea, then this is the place for you. An amazing seven camp grounds line this Two Mile Lake paddle and an overnight stay provides time to soak it all in. 15 km return - 3 hours approx

Upper Esk River
A paddle along the Esk River is a journey through a wilderness of such sublime beauty and purity that it comes as no surprise that this pocket of paradise has made it onto the world heritage list. 19 km return - 4 hours approx
Wagga Wagga
Wagga Wagga is the capital of the lush Riverina area and sits by the banks of the great Murrumbidgee River. It’s a lively section of the river with pretty agricultural scenery and varied wildlife. 25kms return - 3.5 hours approx
Wagonga Inlet
The waters of Wagonga Inlet have an amazing clarity which turns them incredible shades of green and provides an awesome view of nature below. Vast seagrass meadows and families of stingrays are are highlights for the watchful. 18km return - 3.5 hours approx
There’s something very special about Walgett and it’s not Betty from “Hey Dad..!” or even Ricky Walford. It’s a couple of beautiful twisting outback rivers that are still actually flowing - the Namoi & the Barwon. 20 km return - 4 hours approx
Watsons Bay
What better way to see the harbour than a paddle that takes in beaches, bays, and fingerprints from the past. Experience the beauty of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs from a fresh angle. 11-12 km  return - 3 hours

Wonboyn Lake
Wonboyn Lake is cocooned in an area of rugged wilderness perfectly preserved by the Ben Boyd National Park and the Nadgee Nature Reserve. This is one of those rare paddles that you know will be special before you even see the water. 18km return - 3.5 hours approx
Woronora River
Residents of Woronora live surrounded by water and bushland. Whilst they would love to keep this Sutherland Shire secret to themselves, the river lets you hang in their backyard for a day and peek into their world. 10-12 km return - 3 hours
Woy Woy
The Sydney Rock Oysters grown in the Woy Woy area are highly regarded and lucky paddlers can get them fresh from the farm! The many bays and channels also make it a really interesting place to paddle. 13 – 18 km return - 3 – 4.5 hours approx.
Wyong River
The Wyong River is perfect for paddling. The river feels unspoilt, large gum trees line the banks, and there is a vibrant abundance of bird life. You may be left wondering how it is you had never discovered this place before. 18 km return - 4 – 5 hours


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