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"I have had my Catch 390 for four years now the kayak has had an extremely rough time while in my possession. It has been run up rocks, sitting in all weather and the hull is showing no sign of slowing down except color fade. I have caught big fish (including being dragged around by a 4 foot blue shark), pulled cray pots in rough weather, set nets, long lined, spear fished and scuba dived (you can hold 2 tanks - 1 in the front bulk head and 1 in the rear).

I can't imagine settling for another kayak other than maybe another Mission Catch model. The kayak is an extremely comfortable kayak which I have spent whole days in on the water."

Daniel Heaney
New Zealand

“We have been really impressed with the surfing ability and general performance of the Flow kayaks. They are easy to paddle and easy to surf. Even the most inexperienced kayaker can have a great time on one, as too can an experienced kayaker. You should have seen the fun our team of instructors had when we took them out into some surf for their first trial! They are a great addition to our kayak fleet, and have given us many more options around how we run a kayak session (as opposed to just using whitewater kayaks). The thing that is also great about them, is that it is something that people can then go and easily do back in their normal lives”

Catherine Kircher
Operations Manager

Outward Bound

“The Mission Eco Bezhig is in my mind, the top plastic sea kayak that is available anywhere in the world. Designed to be large, sea-worthy craft, the Bezhig is capable of handling any and all conditions that you would ever take a sea kayak in.

My Bezhig, affectionately known as Waverly, has now travelled more than 10’000km on New Zealand’s waterways and has proven herself as the best kayak available. Together, we have circumnavigated the entire coastline of New Zealand and have encountered conditions that most kayaks and kayakers would crumble against. We have seen some amazing sights and survived some ugly conditions together; and the only worry I ever had was when she started arguing back...I think I spent too much time on my own at this stage haha.

Capable of holding an astonishing amount of equipment, the Eco Bezhig is suitable for the most demanding sea kayaking expeditions. With her beautiful, flared bow, you will love how she handles herself in big open swells and thundering surf. Un-laden, she runs high and fast, making her a fun option for an after-work paddle or even as a beginner multisport kayak.  

To put it simply, I love the Bezhig. Every time I sit in the cockpit and stretch over a spray skirt, I feel that much loved anticipation of adventure. After all, kayaking is all about adventures, and I believe the Mission Eco Bezhig is in her element with water under her keen and pointed towards the horizon.

Paddle hard everyone.”

Tim Taylor

Eco Bezhig - Tim Taylor

"Some eighteen months ago my wife & I started a new business in the Bay of Islands with the Goal to deliver a Fun & Good Value Coastline cruise that gets People up close to nature with a taste of white water kayaking at the base of a waterfall, we also designed our cruise to offer a Sunset Cruise & Night Kayaking under a spotlit waterfall .
After a hard 9 months building our purpose built boat to carry 16 passengers, 6 double Kayaks and 5 singles, we were at the start of a new adventure.
My father has had hundreds of canoes over the years with his tourism business and he recommended we spend a bit more money and go with Mission. Well our customers just love our kayaks, they go much faster, lighter, are more stable, they stack beautifully & the sensible location of the handles are fantastic.
I am lifting these kayaks all day & the handles really save my back!
Taylor & Ruby Smith
Bay of Islands Kayak Cruises

BOI Kayak Cruises2

"Our Masters swimming club (Atherton Mountaineers) just purchased a Mission Flow as a rescue craft for our open water swimming.  What a great craft!! At our recent launching of the kayak, on Lake Eacham, it was great to see the massive smiles on our members' faces when they had a go on the kayak.  It was fantastic that our club members (some in their late sixties and early seventies) were able to hop on and off the craft with ease and paddle it roughly  to where they wanted to go first time round.  I love the smooth lines that have no major catch points, the cargo area, the dry hold for keys etc, and plenty of moulded in handholds.
The only problem now will be deciding who paddles the rescue craft and who swims.  Once again what a great craft!"
Regards Kim
Vice President
Atherton Mountaineers Masters Swimming Club Inc.


Check out these home made videos sent in demonstrating the surf capabilities of the Mission Flow and Surge kayak


Catch 390 - Marlborough Sounds


"My wife and I recently brought two Mission Catch 390 kayaks for recreational fishing around the Marlborough Sounds, NZ .We have found these kayaks easy to transport and very easy to use in the water and have been amazed at how stable they are, yet still have good boat speed.

I have found Mission Kayaking great to deal with and would not hesitate to recommend them and their product."

Phil Leov
Marlborough Sounds, NZ


"MURRAY RIVER (AUSTRALIA)TRIP 2012 – 2200kms, 44 days, 38 days spent paddling. The Eco Bezhig kayaks were fantastic and easily held all our camping gear, etc. Was a great adventure! "

Jeff Blackman & Lindsay Chard
Victoria Australia

Kyaking the Murray 2012 498


" I recently bought an Eco Bezhig kayak off Trade Me that was significantly gouged in places. I contacted the Mission team to see if they could help with some plastic to repair the gouges. They were great. Within a day or so a parcel arrived with strips of plastic to match my kayak. Great customer service. They get my vote for sure. My next boat will probably be a new Eco Bezhig too."

Ron Christiansen 
New Zealand


"Best thing I ever did buy was 3 Flow kayaks. It has got the family outdoors and together to enjoy nature at its best. Just luvin it!"

Ken Milsom
New Zealand

Flows chch


" Two hours on Lake Pegasus on our Access 280 kayak. A very good short kayak, easy turning, stable, very comfortable seat, very good balance and excellent in smooth water "

Michael Constable
New Zealand

" I could not have picked a better kayak that covers all fishing situations. A fantastic layout with amazing stability and good speed. I looked around at Yaks for 5 months and it paid in my choice. Recommend this kayak to everyone"

Wayne Farr



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