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Garden Island, Port Adelaide
The southern shore of Garden Island in the North Arm of the Port River is one of the largest and most diverse ships' graveyards in the world. Containing vessels dating from 1856, the graveyard is a haven for bird life and marine creatures. The ships are best seen by canoe or kayak. Diving is also available. There is an interpretive booklet and five interpretive signs for the trail.
River Boat Trail
The River Boat Trail encompasses the entire South Australian section of the River Murray and interprets the many and varied historic sites that still exist along this section of the river. These sites include the remains of paddle steamers, barges and other vessels as well as buildings, structures and other features related to shipping on the River Murray from the 1850's to the 1940's. Over 60 shipwrecks, a lighthouse, 12 wharves, 24 jetties a morgue and 16 surviving historic vessels are just some of the sites and places identified in the River Boat Trail. Eleven interpretive signs have been positioned in towns along the Murray, and together with the published booklet, provide information about historic sites in each region.
River Murray - Chambers Creek
The Chambers Creek area has well developed facilities for canoe access and camping. Bird life abounds in these backwaters of the River Murray. Maps are available from Canoe SA. http://www.sa.canoe.org.au/
River Murray - Chowilla Creek
The Chowilla Creek system includes some of the most pristine country along the River Murray. Abundant wildlife, native vegetation and a rich aboriginal heritage make this one of the most appealing creek systems in the region. Canoeists are likely to have sections of the creeks to themselves. Paddle for a few hours or a few days. Maps are available at: www.southaustraliantrails.com/pdf/chowilla.pdf
River Murray - Katarapko Creek
The Katarapko Creek system can be found near the Loxton irrigation area. The system features a diverse habitat of flora and fauna and the waterways vary from long, open lagoons to narrow and densely vegetated creeks. Ideal for overnight trips or day adventures. Maps are available at: www.southaustraliantrails.com/pdf/katarapko.pdf
River Murray - Morgan - Swan Reach
This system covers about 70kms of the River Murray and its floodplains. There are several creeks that lead into wide lagoons, wildlife is plentiful with magestic river redgums lining the river banks.
Wardang Island Maritime Heritage Trail
Wardang Island is a natural breakwater against the south-westerlies that buffet the western coast of Yorke Peninsula. Until 1909 there was no light on the Island and, because the Island was difficult to see, wreckages were common. The trail includes eight shipwrecks - you can travel to them from Port Victoria, however be sure your boat is prepared adequately for a minimum return voyage of 25 kms. Underwater plaques are adjacent to each wreck, and an underwater guide, containing maps and transits, is available. More information can be found at: http://www.southaustraliantrails.com/top_trails.asp?wardang


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